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Gaskets made with Viton™
Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a licensed supplier of parts made from genuine Viton for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing industries. Viton™ seals for the pharmaceutical and food industries must exhibit the highest levels of material integrity, quality, parity, and reliable performance in manufacturing, processing and cleaning cycles. Viton fluoroelastomer parts are well known for their resistance to the harsh chemicals and high temperatures frequently used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and cleaning processes.

Seals of genuine Viton™, manufactured by Newman, are based only upon 100% virgin Viton™ fluoroelastomer as the elastomeric component. Customers specifying seals of genuine Viton™ from Newman will automatically eliminate "impostors, knock-offs and undocumented imports" with their inferior and unpredictable performance. Seals of genuine Viton™ are identified by a "Mark" symbolizing quality and integrity. Use of the "Mark" has been granted to Newman Sanitary Gasket Company as a licensed supplier.

Specific product information about any of our Viton gaskets,
o-rings and seals can be found in our catalog pages:
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Class VI
  • Envelope Gaskets made Teflon™ fluoropolymer
  • Cherry-Burrell Gaskets Q Line
  • Cherry-Burrell Gaskets I-Line Sch. 5
  • APC Gaskets
  • Screen Gaskets
  • Casing Gaskets for centrifugal pumps
  • Standard FDA O-Rings
  • Viton® Sheet material
  • ISO & DIN Gaskets
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Flanged
  • Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under license by NSG
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Flanged Class VI
  • Bevel Seat Gaskets
  • John Perry Gaskets
  • Cherry-Burrell Gaskets I-Line
  • Schedule 5 Gaskets
  • Orifice Plates
  • Slit ID Gaskets
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Waukesha Pump O-Rings
  • Viton® Cord Stock
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    Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under license by NSG.
    Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC

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