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Silicone Products
We can provide you with precision silicone gaskets for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries. You'll find our precision equipment delivers superior parts faster. All parts produced on our LIM unit are FDA compliant and USP Class VI compliant for the ultimate in product contact applications.

Our silicone products are molded with a microprocessor control system in a near clean-room environment that maintains integrity throughout. The fast "cycling" process, similar to plastic, means little or no hand finishing...further assuring quality control. You can count on Newman to manufacture your silicone parts to the newest standards of excellence and quality.

Specific product information about any of our silicone gaskets, o-rings and seals can be found in our catalog pages:
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Class VI
  • Bevel Seat Gaskets
  • Cherry-Burrell Gaskets Q Line
  • Schedule 5 Gaskets
  • Orifice Plates
  • Slit ID Gaskets
  • Silicone Red Sheet material
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Flanged
  • Clamp Gaskets Standard Flanged Class VI
  • John Perry Gaskets
  • Cherry-Burrell Gaskets I-Line
  • APC Gaskets
  • Screen Gaskets
  • Standard FDA O-Rings
  • Silicone Cord Stock
  • If you have a question, need more information or would like a quote please fill in our Contact Form/Feedback or call us at (513) 932-7379.

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