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Kalrez® LS390 perfluoroelastomer parts provides premium performance.

  • DuPont™ Kalrez® LS390 perfluoroelastomer parts are a grey product for use as sanitary seals in food handling, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Typical problems experienced in sanitary seal applications are usually related to thermal and chemical resistance challenges, compression set (permanent deformation) and high static friction (stiction).
  • Kalrez® LS390 has been designed to address these issues by offering high hardness properties, low stiction, temperature resistance up to 428°F (220°C) and excellent chemical resistance to process chemicals.
  • Because of its unique grey color, LS390 parts are easy to identify for proper material selection and application

Sanitary seals used to manufacture food, beverages and biopharmaceuticals are required to maintain the highest levels
of product purity. At the same time, they are also expected to
minimize process downtime and maintenance costs. Selecting the proper seal to optimize both is a constant challenge to the highpurity process engineer.
DuPont Performance Elastomers is answering that challenge with the development of the new Kalrez® LS390 Sanitary Gasket. A prefabricated seal that provides the cleanliness and chemical resistance of PTFE with the elastic memory of an elastomer, it was designed to meet the stringent requirements of ASME BPE for clamp connections used in biopharmaceutical applications. Kalrez® LS390 material minimizes what can be absorbed by or extracted from the gasket. At the same time it offers one of the widest ranges of chemical and thermal resistance. This translates into a pure process and a long seal life!.

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