Validation of Newman's diaphragms in your system may not require the rigorous procedures and high cost you may be facing with other replacement diaphragms. Specifically created to be substitute in your valves as functional equivalents, Newman diaphragms are precision designed and manufactured from the highest quality conforming materials already validated in the industry. We have chose to use the best modified fluoropolymer, TFM™ (genuine Dyneon™ Hostaflon® TFM™ from 3M®), which has been shown to have superior steam resistance and outstanding flex life.

The EPDM backing is made from Newman's premium, polymer rich 2107 compound: the same EPDM used in our gaskets, "O"-rings and OEM parts. You have no doubt validated at least one of our 2107 EPDM products already in use in your processing areas. Newman's EPDM has demonstrated exceptional chemical and steam resistance and provides enhanced sealing properties. Under testing, Newman's diaphragms have successfully performed at the lowest bonnet torque values and have not required retorqueing. This benefits service life and reduces maintenance. Newman's EPDM has shown superior dynamic strength that translates into more cycles before change out is needed.

Newman NewFlo™ Diaphragms
Setting a new standard for excellence in sanitary valve diaphragms:
• Proven reputation • Proven materials • Proven performance • Unmatched traceability
New value that you can depend on!

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