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EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber)
EPDM is excellent for hot water and steam service up to 275°F. EPDM is very abrasion resistant and has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight or weather and de-ionized water. EPDM also has good tensile strength and good resistance to mild acids, alkalis and alcohols. Rated at -55°F to 275°F (short term to 400°F).

Newman Gasket Products featuring EPDM:
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EPDM 2107LE sets a new standard for EPDM gaskets used in CIP, SIP WFI and processing areas of the biopharmaceutical industry.
2107LE: The new standard of purity and performance.
• Lower Extractable — 10X Lower
• Longer Service Life — little to no wear after a simulated year of service
• Better Dimensional Stability — better cleaning and draining, better equipment support
• Easier Maintenance — easy disassembly after use, better process piping alignment
• All Biopharmaceutical Certifications and more — FDA, USP, REACH, RoHS, ICHQ3 and more.

EPDM 2107LE (ethylene propylene rubber)