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USP Class VI Compliant Products
Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is the only gasket, "O"Ring and custom molding manufacturer to offer you technology that has allowed eleven of our exclusive elastomer compounds to receive Class VI compliant certification. We've continually worked to improve the quality and purity of our compounds. Eleven of our elastomer compounds were submitted to Toxikon, a federally bonded independent laboratory for testing and certification. We now have four Silicone compounds, three Viton™ and two EPDM compounds that have met the criteria of the USP and have received this special Class VI compliant certification. Our compounds are specifically formulated for companies requiring the highest sanitary standards and chemical purity. Teflon™ fluoropolymer and our Silverback (50/50 blend of PTFE and stainless steel) have also been certified to be Class VI compliant.

As each rubber manufacturer must develop and test their formulations or recipes for compounds, it is our 35 years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries that has resulted in these superior compounds. A Viton™, EPDM or Silicone from another supplier will not have the special properties of our specially formulated compounds.

Specific product information about any of our USP Class VI compliant gaskets, o-rings, and seals can be found in our catalog pages:
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